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For the most widely used, sustainable development refers to a type of economic development, social and human needs that present generations without compromising or limiting the ability of future generations to meet, in turn, these needs.
     In the process of sustainable development, education, culture and civismul, transparency and effectiveness of decisions, diplomacy, the environment becomes strategic milestones.
     In an inclusive, sustainable development "is nothing but a project of civilization".
     Essentially, the strategies of sustainable development puts human beings in their center, which involves concerted efforts of all social actors and the generation and potentiation of latent synergies all the social and natural environment.


Village PESTERA ( The CAVE ) - overview

PESTERA Village is located in the village administrative Moieciu, 6 km from the village Moieciu.

Geographical Location: NV Platform Bran, in the corridor intramontane Bran - Rucar, altitude 950 m.

Population: 550 inhabitants

Located close to Bran village, where we find the famous castle which accompanies the equally famous image of Dracula, Cave village has a panoramic view of everything on both exceptional Bucegi mountains, and the Piatra Craiului.

Ways of access: can be reached from D.N. 73 Brasov - Pitesti, Moieciu in town, take the right road that leads in the village Cave,

Under Church Hill Village PESTERA, an indicator shows the direction of the entrance to Reserve Cave Bat (5min walk) where new tourist objective, besides the effective bats were found and traces of a human present dating of Palaeolithic era)

Please note that the implementation plan for management of the park, and Cave Măgura villages, belonging to the village Moieciu become tourist villages in the National Park Piatra Craiului with international recognition of the status of protection.

                Project SOS PESTERA, the absolute priority of our association, respond to urgent needs of the local community who arrived in millennium III, in a member country of the European Union, in the case of a daily walk at least 12km on foot, by common Moieciu the Netherlands (and there in most cases, far to Rasnov, Zarnesti or Brasov) on a hard track, mountain, and to fulfill obligations to society-school, etc..
In this community there are no current water, sewer or sanitation service.
- Many households are not connected to the electric network.

- Any missing service medical assistance, human or veterinary use.
- There is no cultural activities or entertainment.

- Children up daily between 4 and 6 km on foot to school in the village.

  Project S.O.S Cave! is part of the National Program, "ROMANIA RESPECT ", which has as its essential objectives:

- Support and stimulate various domestic or international bodies who wish to take action for the benefit of local

- Assist disadvantaged people without any discrimination

- Promote community interest in the progress and establish cooperative relationships with organizations, institutions, legal entities and individuals from Romania and abroad in the following fields: sustainable development, culture and environmental protection

- Undertake projects that contribute to the initiation and development of public-private partnership not only

- Support awareness, research and promote information about the history of the Romanian media and various cultural events initiated or sustained by the association

- Predilection to seek funds in the area etnogeneza the Romanian people, continuing care of informing the public

- Initiate and support cultural activities and environmental, which are used local resources, but also their integration in the European context

- Protect environment and promote eco-tourism, cultural tourism and ecumenical

- Make audio and video that highlight the potential historical, cultural tourism and national parks in Romania and the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

- Undertake cultural projects and environmental partnerships with or without

- Support youth in their artistic creation, scientific and educational.

Following the identification of existing problems within the local community, the Board of the Association has decided unanimously to make the following objectives for the project, SOS Cave!

A. In the carriage of persons:
   1. Purchase of a minibus to provide transport to people Moieciu-cave route, to ensure the movement of children to school, but that could be used in emergency situations - calamities, emergency medical, etc.
   2. Hiring a driver.
   3. Arranging at least two stations waiting to assure shelter in case of weather.
   4. Providing the necessary fuel.
   5. Of a garage that includes a machine shop and maintenance with minimal facilities.

B. In the field of medical care:
1. Fitting of a medical office, which works on a fixed timetable for beginning a day per week schedule set by the doctor hired by the Association and agreed to respect the local community.
    2. Employing a veterinarian who will offer advice in case there are requests from the community.
    3. Point of a pharmaceutical

C. In the network connection to national power:

    1. Start approach bransarea decided to close those that do not have electricity.

D. In the field of environment:

    1. Organization of voluntary actions to existing waste collection.
    2. Warning ultimatum farm and those who are identified as violating the law.
    3. Making a campaign of public awareness of environment protection, especially in National Parks.

E. In the cultural field:

   1. Project, Hora-n Sat "Respect of the Association, whose description is attached to this document.
   2. Making a documentary film that highlight the beauty and history of the place.
   3. Fitting radio FM, Radio Cave "considering the need of the local community to be aware of the pulse civilization.
F. In the field of Tourism:
    1. Actions to promote eco-tourism, rural tourism, cultural and ecumenical.
    2. Organizing cultural or sports camps for students.
    3. Establish a database that contains all accommodation capacities in the area

G. In the field of agriculture:

    1. Consultative granting of access to European funds.

H. In the economic field:

    1. Consultative granting of access to European funds.

I. In the field of infrastructure:

   1. Association will take a firm position in front of authorities for speeding up the road cave-asfaltarii Moieciu the Netherlands.

J. In the education-learning:

   1. Helping the school in the village by purchase of computers, printers and school supplies.
   2. Help students with poor results in education with hours of training in basic subjects.
   3. Stimulating students with good results in invataura by providing scholarships and rewards.
   4. Organization of competitions and sports education, with prizes.
   5. Helping poor students through donations of clothing, food and money.

To achieve the objectives of this project, the Association will initiate partnerships and agreements to assist with public and private institutions, with individuals and companies in Romania, European Union, the United States and Canada will be seeking donations and sponsorship and those interested in the fate of the community Village Cave - Romania!

Brief presentation of the ''Hora village''

In a world really confused here, in which values are inverted and authentic folk creation is gradually replaced by kitsch, the existence of such a project. is especially beneficial as they are with few viable organizations that aim to present authentic public values.

In the concerns of our association lies the village, with a culture different from the urban, but still influenced by this effect is not always beneficial.

Research in the rapid transformation village world, where cultural heritage is no longer acting as a code of behavior, the disappearance of customs and rituals as an integral part of, and establishing a data bank, the priorities of our association.

Presentation of authentic culture in the world wakes up, we believe, the feeling of reîntoarecere the true values of traditional village who is in a globalized world.

As Mircea Eliade said "all archaic and oriental cultures and all societies are urban or rural traditţonale, ie păstrătoarele a tradition, considering the tradition that the amount of exemplary behavior patterns and human activity."

"Hora village''in the tradition inspired from the Romanian archaic, consists of several cultural activities, which have as their target audience the local community.

These activities will take place Saturday and Sunday in various locations, preferably outdoors, to allow access to entire rural communities.

In this week''holidays''will be presented the priorities of social, cultural and environmental community concerned.

This program is as great an attraction for tourists are in the perimeter of the organization, which encourages the dissemination of this approach in urban areas.

"Hora in the village'' will have ample space for advertising and information media in local and national media.


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